Pharmacist Hootan Melamed Suggests Terocin to Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

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Pharmacist Hootan Melamed Suggests Terocin to Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

Eminent Beverly Hills pharmacist, entrepreneur, and innovator, Dr. Hootan Melamed, has spent a number of years in research and development related to the field of pain management. Backed by his special expertise and knowledge in the area, he has recommended Terocin as a medication of choice for patients seeking relief from pain and inflammation. Now the original topical formulation has been improved with new ingredients, and is known by the name of New Terocin.

Scientific Support

Dr. Melamed closely evaluates the scientific perspective of a medication before making a recommendation to patients. He has assessed the results of various scientific studies that have been conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of the natural ingredients of New Terocin. The studies consistently indicate that the natural as well as pharmaceutical ingredients of this medication significantly lower pain and inflammation.

The analgesic and anesthetic ingredients in New Terocin are effective in optimizing the results and countering pain. The medication is produced by an FDA approved manufacturer and in conformance with FDA regulations. Active natural ingredients in the new formulation include Methyl Salicylcate, Capsaicin, and Menthol.

Who should use it?

Patients afflicted with mild to moderate, or even acute and chronic pains can benefit from New Terocin topical medication. According to Dr. Melamed, the medication is well-suited for patients suffering from pain and inflammation associated with spinal stress, muscular strain, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathies, apart from several other types of complex regional pains. In certain cases, the patients suffering from headaches may also use New Terocin.

Directions to Use

As a first step, the patient should wash and dry the affected area properly. Thereafter, the medication should be applied topically over the affected area, and rubbed gently. A single application should contain about five grams of medication on average, which may go up if the pain is more severe or the treatable area is larger. However, Dr. Melamed suggests that the use of the medication should be restricted to a maximum of four times per day. In about two to three weeks, the patient will be able to experience noticeable results.

Ingredient Activity

Methyl Salicyclate or Wintergreen oil is a key natural ingredient in New Terocin, which helps dilate the blood capillaries when applied topically. Another ingredient called Capsaicin reduces the impact of substance P, which is considered to be an important chemical pain impulse mediator in the body and may activate an inflammatory response. The third major natural ingredient in the medication is menthol, which acts as an analgesic, local anesthetic and counter-irritant. It also enhances the effectiveness by improving penetration through vasodilation.


In comparison to conventional pain therapies involving opioids, NSAIDs, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants, New Terocin offers clear advantages. Typical side effects and risks associated with the conventional therapies such as drowsiness, constipation, nausea, increased risk of heart disease, risk of ulcers and lowering of platelet aggregation are entirely eliminated with New Terocin. The medication does not enter the bloodstream directly, and performs its role locally, which makes it safer and more comfortable.

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