Pharmacist Hootan Melamed Suggests Pediatric Compounding Options

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For practicing pharmacists, developing new compounds that can be readily used by patients is a rewarding experience. When the patient is a child who is not taking medication for a problematic medical situation it becomes more challenging for compounding pharmacist to develop a compound with equal potency as traditional medicine which can be taken without fuss. The commercially available dosages of pediatric medicines are generally unpalatable as they are unable to swallow large tablets and capsules as easily as gulping down liquid formulations.

Most parents and pediatric caregivers have a tough time giving medicines to children unless it is through intravenous mode. Compounding pharmacists can help in this regard by preparing customized medications for children who can be administered easily by flavoring or changing dosages which has the same effect as regular commercial medicine. Pioneering compound pharmacy specialist Dr. Hootan Melamed has developed interesting compounds for pain management and is now working with other pharmacists in the same line to combine each others’ expertise and develop a common marketing division for their products.

He is also working with pediatrics for helping children with medications that they need to take on a regular basis for problems like respiratory disorders, diabetes, diaper rash, autism, skin problems and pain management.

Common Pediatric compounds for children

Transdermal Compounds – When a child has nausea and vomiting it is difficult to make them eat or drink anything that would stop the sensations. Suppository at this time would not be the right medication for a child as it would enhance the sensation nausea and vomiting. For children under the age of 3 years, pediatricians prefer transdermal compounds like trimethobenzamide which can be rubbed into the oral or rectum areas for quick absorption into the body.

Diaper rash treatment – A common condition among infants is diaper rash which are not easily alleviated by over the counter medicines. Dr. Hootan Melamed has developed the right kind of topical ointment to remove diaper rash from babies which is a form of contact dermatitis. “Happy Tush” created by Dr. Melamed is a paraben free ointment which is made of tea tree oil to protect skin from allergies. As the cream is cloth resistant it will not get absorbed by the diaper but will continue to soothe the affected area and keep it free from infections.

Curing sore throats – Children often suffer from cough and cold which can develop into painful tonsillitis and streptococcus infections. The commercial cough medicines available are usually too bitter and difficult to swallow. Pediatricians’ advice tetracaine lollipops with varied flavors which will are available in varied sizes to suit children of all age groups and will help in soothing the pain.

Topical anesthetics – When children have to be prepared for surgeries or small procedures then they are not administered anesthesia via injections as it will make them more anxious and agitated. Doctors frequently use topical anesthetics like lidocaine/epinephrine/tetracaine on the skin of children so that they do not feel the pain and discomfort of injections during immunizations.

Each child is special in his/her way of accepting and rejecting things which is a form of natural self preservation, but becomes a problem for parents and doctors. Pharmaceutical compounds made in consultation with pediatricians can help in formulating medication to meet their needs.

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