Pharmacist Hootan Melamed Suggests Laxacin for an Oral Laxative and Stool Softener

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Pharmacist Hootan Melamed Suggests Laxacin for an Oral Laxative and Stool Softener

Poor digestion and constipation are major causes for a variety of ailments in the long run. Therefore, it is always important to address the condition of constipation effectively for a healthy living. Leading Beverly Hills entrepreneur and pharmacist, Dr. Hootan Melamed, who is the founder and president of Skyler Holdings, has been involved with the research, development, and promotion of a number of compounding medication treatments.

To address the condition of constipation, Dr. Melamed recommends Laxacin as an effective and phenomenal oral laxative and stool softener.

Why Laxacin?

Dr. Melamed has chosen to recommend Laxacin over various other medications for constipation. This oral laxative is produced in a safe and comprehensible manner by an FDA approved manufacturer and in conformance with FDA regulations.

Sennosides and Docusate Sodium are two active ingredients in Laxacin that promote two separate mechanisms to address constipation. When these ingredients work together, it will usually take about six to 12 hours to produce a good bowel movement. Occasional constipation can be reduced very successfully with Laxacin.

How to take Laxacin?

According to Dr. Melamed, patients should carefully follow the dosage instructions and take Laxacin in the right quantity and right manner as directed. Adults can take Laxacin with a glass of water, but in case of children, it is important to consult a pediatrician before giving this medication. Adults and children over the age of 12 can start with two tablets once a day, with an upper limit of four tablets twice a day.

How does it Work?

The gastrointestinal tract becomes more motile with Sennosides, and the intestinal passage becomes easier due to increase of water content to soften the stool, which occurs with Docusate Sodium. Dr. Melamed suggests Laxacin to his patients because of its dual benefits. It works not only to provide relief from temporary constipation, but it also performs the function of a preventative agent.

The twin agent formulation of Laxacin sets it apart from most other common constipation relievers available in the markets, which rely on just one ingredient. Laxacin leads to gut stimulation as well as increases the water in the stool to promote easier bowel movement. Both ingredients have also been shown in studies to work effectively in isolation of each other.

Possible Side Effects

In rare situations, a patient may experience symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness in the muscles, unexpected loss of weight, or allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, or swelling on the face. Less severe symptoms may include cramps in the abdomen, bloating, and urine discoloration. In any case, patients should see a physician in case they experience any side effects.

Drug Interactions

In normal circumstances, Laxacin is not expected to produce any adverse drug interactions. However, it may cause an impact on the amount of period another medication stays in the body system. A fantastic solution can be to take Laxacin at least one to two hours after having taken other medications.

Patients should provide an accurate list of all medications, including herbal medications and other supplements that they may be taking to the pharmacist or the doctor―whomever they see even if it is both.

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