Hootan Melamed Recommends Sports Medicine Compounding to get You Back on the Roster

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Hootan Melamed Recommends Sports Medicine Compounding to get You Back on the Roster

Athletes often go through aches and injuries, considering their harsh physical regimen and the relentless drive to push the limits of their endurance. Medical treatment may be necessary in some cases to ensure that the athlete’s fitness level remains on top. A growing number of athletes are turning toward compounding medications due to the reduce risk of side effects and other inherent benefits.

Eminent Beverly Hills entrepreneur and pharmacist, Dr. Hootan Melamed, has invested several years in research and development of innovative compounding pharmacy treatments for sports related pains and injuries. Dr. Melamed is recognized as a leading compounding pharmacy expert in the arena of sports medicine.

Useful for All

Game related injuries can hamper anyone – from an NBA center, a world class golfer, to a lineman on a pro football team. An experienced pharmacist will engage with the athlete as well as the healthcare provider to create safe and effective compounding pharmacy solutions to address a wide variety of painful or inflammatory physical conditions for athletes.

One of the benefits with sports medicines compounded by a pharmacist is that they can be used by all, and not just sports pros. For instance, an individual who works out at the gym may need a treatment for aches, a player in the high school team may need medication to recover from a sports injury, and weekend revelers may find it necessary to address pain to prepare themselves for the work week ahead. In all such cases, compounding sports medicines can be very helpful.

Customized Formulations

The growing popularity and acceptance of compounding sports medicine has been primarily due to the customization of these medications to suit the unique needs of a patient. Different athletes can suffer from peculiar types of aches and injuries, and best treatment outcomes can be achieved when the medication is tailored to suit the specific nature of the injury or pain.

Extensive research and innovation in the area of compounding pharmacy has led to increased potential for customization in sports medicine. The increasing interest of healthcare professionals to work in coordination with pharmacists has also contributed to the emergence of effective customized solutions in compounding sports medicine to address the individual needs of a patient.

The pharmacist usually has the scope to include or exclude specific ingredients in accordance with the unique health needs of an athlete. A combined single dosage can be created to treat a variety of conditions such as fungal infections, nerve aches, calluses, and blisters. Sun block creams and lotions can also be compounded uniquely for athletes who face prolonged sun exposure.

Dosage Flexibility

Dosage needs of every athlete can vary according to the nature of their ache or injury. However, in commercially produced medications the precise dosage needed for a particular individual may not be available. On the other hand, the compounding pharmacist can precisely calibrate the right amount of dosage to best meet the health needs of a patient.

Delivery Mechanism

Sports medicines in compounding pharmacy can be delivered as topical creams, patches, or sprays as a substitute to oral drugs. This can help minimize the risk of gastrointestinal and other side effects, and produce quicker results too due to localized treatment.

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