Burning Feet Syndrome (BFS) by Pharmacist Hootan Melamed

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Burning Feet Syndrome (BFS) by Pharmacist Hootan Melamed

Burning feet syndrome is a medical condition under which a patient will experience severe burning and aching feet which is also referred to as Grierson-Gopalan syndrome or hyperesthesia. This disease affects more than 20 million people within United States along. Some patients of this syndrome also complain of heaviness in the feet followed by burning in the soles and toes. Clinical research carried out to diagnose causes for this syndrome point towards several reasons like lack of Vitamin D and malnutrition, diabetes, hypothyroidism, neuropathy, erythromelalgia , Gietalman syndrome and hereditary problem. Generally neuropathy or nerve damage is the most common cause of burning feet as damaged nerve fibers of the fee send signals to the brain about pain even though there is no injury.

Infections and inflammation in the feet can also lead to burning sensation of the feet like athlete’s foot and also Edema in the ankles. Generally poor circulation of blood to the feet which causes peripheral artery disease can lead to frequent pain and tingling in the feet during walking or if you have been sitting for too long.

Methods to diagnose cause of burning feet

Diabetic patients that suffer from burning feet syndrome are diagnosed as sufferers of neuropathy which is a common cause as with patients of AIDS/HIV and chronic kidney disease. If a person has sudden burning sensation in the feet that is unexplainable and rapidly worsening then following tests are taken:

  1. Electromyography – Probe is placed on the feet or needle in inserted into muscles of the feet to record electrical activity within them through EMG test.
  2. Nerve conduction test is carried out to test ability of the nerves in the feet to transmit impulses.
  3. Lab tests of body fluids like blood, urine or spinal fluid will be done to diagnose cause of burning feet as these can show if the body lacks Vitamin levels.

Treatments for nerve damage leading to burning feet

If you have compression of mechanical nerve which is causing burning feet then you will be advised to use footwear which are wider and give adequate support and compression. For the treatment of nerve inflammation, steroid injection may be locally applied to provide some relief from the symptoms. If the cause of burning feet is diagnosed as vitamin deficiency then vitamin supplements will be recommended for treatment along with therapeutic lotions.

Neuropathic pain relief

The most frequently advised medication for burning feet syndrome are anticonvulsants, antidepressants and analgesics. Dr. Hootan Melamed makes special compounds to treat patients that cannot take commercially available medication consisting of transdermal preparations made of Topical Lipoderm, Nifedipine, gabapentine and others. Some pain relief medicines that are available as over the counter drugs for burning feet are Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Micatin, and tramadol. In case the pain is very severe doctors may also advice mild dose of narcotics to reduce the pain.

Finding the actual cause of burning feet syndrome is critical to suggesting proper medication which will help manage the symptoms to prevent further nerve damage and then help in curing the problem.

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