Skyler Holdings provides development and strategic business solutions for the independent retail pharmacy industry through two consulting branches, SkylerAssociates and Skyler Partners. Our team of business, strategic, and pharmacy professionals combine their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to provide independent retail pharmacies with the tools they need to be successful no matter what the economic climate.

Skyler Associates provides business consulting resources to alleviate the many day-to-day challenges that independent pharmacies in running their businesses.

Skyler Partners helps pharmacies take advantage of strategic opportunities where it can add value to businesses through a variety of structures ranging from direct investments, distribution and licensing, strategic partnering and other areas of value transfer based on a synergistic foundation of shared values and goals.

“By providing business resources we are able to help independent pharmacists overcome the lack of business resources that would not otherwise be available to them, and that is what often puts them at a disadvantage compared to the larger chain pharmacies.”

–Hootan Melamed, Founder, Skyler Holdings, Ltd.